Kate Reid: Waking Up

The woman you've all been waiting for...Kate Reid! The activist, musician and educator featured in Heal Myself - The Documentary speaks to the film's core theme.

Number One Fan

Meet Kate Reid's self-proclaimed #1 fan - Emmett Brown. If his Kate-inspired tattoo and t-shirt wardrobe don't say enough about the value in her work, listening to Emmett's experiences certainly will. Share and support this project to get Kate's transformative music in the hands of more people who need it.



Rod and Victoria

Meet Rod and Victoria Mitchell. Two of the many inspirational characters featured in our documentary. These interviews were shot in Parksville on Vancouver Island at the Beach Club Resort.

Stina and Kate

While on Vancouver Island in search of Captain Cupcake (a character from one of Kate's songs) her good friend Stina met up with the camera crew to help. Before we had to catch the ferry to the mainland,  Stina sat down with us for an interview. Enjoy this short clip from the evening by the docks!

A Drawing for Kate

Empty Cup's co-op student Beth has been privy to seeing this film be produced first hand. She has transcribed many an interview, photographed newspaper articles for the film (many which you see in the teaser) and had the opportunity to meet Kate a number of times.

Spencer J. Harrison clip

A clip from our interview with Spencer J. Harrison. There are so many wonderful moments captured thus far, we can't stand not sharing a few of them!

First CD Release in Vancouver

A peek back in time to the beginning of Kate Reid's career as a folk musician. She made her debut at the Railway Club in Vancouver (2006) to an enthusiastic crowd who received the self proclaimed "singing/songwriting dyke with a microphone" with open arms.

This was the very first shoot for the documentary. Look how far we have come! We hope you enjoy ;)

Blast from the Past

Empty Cup Media and Kate Reid picked up her former classmate for a day of shooting in Kate's home town of Ayr and the surrounding Cambridge area where both women grew up. We're sharing some of the fun we had on that sunny holiday Monday!


Help us find Captain Cupcake!

Many of you Kate Reid fans out there are already familiar with Captain Cupake from her song "Captain Cupcake and the Cambie Hotel". Well folks, we'd love to interview the Captain himself for the film but have no way of getting in contact!