Kickstarter Success

HOORAY!  A big huge THANK-YOU to all of the people who shared, pledged and spread the word about our documentary throughout the Kickstarter campaign. What a ride. (

The amazing response has allowed us to jump into post-production and inspired Carla, storyteller extraordinaire, to seek solitude while piecing together the film.  Days following the successful campaign, Carla packed up her edit suite and headed north to a family cottagewhere she has been swimming through hundreds of hours of footage. The daunting task of re-naming, organizing and tagging audio/video files comes first. Though certainly not the most glamorous part of the process, it is necessary and has unearthed many hidden gems in the material.

Richard, our co-Producer is hard at work researching film festivals and planning the private debut screening for spring, while Colin works like a fiend keeping the rest of the business running! What a team :)
The excitement generated by supporters of the film and of Kate's music/message really fuels our creativity, so keep the good energy flowing, spread the word, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Heal Myself news in the months to come!