Kickstarter Video is Live

As some of you may already know, Heal Myself's production crew (Empty Cup Media) have been hard at work readying our first crowd funding campaign! Efforts are directed towards raising enough money for the post production of the film. Conceptualized over 7 years ago at Selkirk College, the story is now captured and ready to edit!
What we really need is exposure. Join the campaign and help us spread this link: to as many people as you can possibly think of. Email, tweet, share on Facebook, post on your website, tell your Mom, Sister, Dad, Uncle, a friend of a get the picture ;)
Kickstarter is an online crowd funding campaign where you click on a project, watch the "pitch" where the project is explained, and then decide if you want to pledge money to see the project through to completion. Pledges start at $1. Check out the page for more details on the project and our purpose.

Thanks for visiting the site!


Carla Sinclair
Director - Heal Myself