New Mexico Shoot

March 3, 2013 - Empty Cup took off to New Mexico to meet up with Kate Reid and Corine Frankland! Corine is a spirited Professor at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and invited Kate to speak to and play for a number of classes. Some brilliant discussions took place between Kate and the students, as well with the audience of the public performance hosted by the University. The crowd was enthusiastic and the air was warm with song, true to the spirit of the "Artists for Social Change" initiative. Kaitlyn, a student from one of the classes Kate had worked with earlier in the week, opened the evening with her band. Kate followed with a collection of songs that at times had the audience laughing, crying and genuinely experiencing the music. Great times, great shooting opportunities!

Corine kindly agreed to do an interview with the team and told us the story of how her and Kate came to know one another. Very cool. There's a letter from the past attached to this story but we'll save it for the movie ;)